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Fitness @ Ten X

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

What was "fitness" a decade ago?

And, what was it half a century ago?

A century ago?

Are we truly innovating, and moving forward when it comes to fitness, or, are we moving back in time to the basics?

To understand the evolution of the fitness, let's first take a moment to think about what fitness means to each of us today.

For some, fitness is about 'fat-loss'; for some others, it is about building muscle mass to get that 'toned' appearance; for the remaining, it is about 'feeling fit'.

But what exactly does this mean?

Now, let's pause for a moment, and go back a 100 years- to the age of our great grandparents.

What did it mean to be fit, back then?

It wasn't about building 6-pack-abs; it wasn't about spot reductions; it probably wasn't even about 'feeling fit'.

Why? Because Fitness was a way of life- it didn't need a recognition back in those ages.

Why did the 'need for fitness' arise?

One could argue that the evolution began with changes in the lifestyle.

From working in fields to working on desks; from walking on foot to driving on streets; from pulling water from wells to well, er, water scarcity? (jk); from grinding on the mortar and pestle to the mixers!

Well, a lot of these lifestyle changes have made our lives easier (and , we love the mechanical, and technological innovations), but, these have also led to our moving away from what the human body is naturally made to do.

Which is where Ten X comes in.

At Ten X, we believe in fitness that makes us more 'functionally' efficient- like how our long ancestors who labored all day were.

And, what's functional? We refer to activities that the human body is naturally made to do on a day-to-day basis.

To understand this better, let's take the following examples:

  • You are a mother, and you need to carry your child easily; functional training enables you to do that;

  • You are a travel enthusiast and you love going on long treks with backpacks; functional training enables you to lift the weight more effectively, and efficiently;

  • You drive a 2-wheeler regularly, and are prone to back aches; functional training improves your posture, and enables you to drive with minimized aches;

  • You live on the 8th floor; functional training enables you to climb up the stairs with improved cardiovascular endurance (lesser panting); and so on...

Is there a one-size-fits-all solution to this? Yes, and a No.

Yes because fitness has certain fundamentals that will work for all, and No, because each person's body responds differently to otherwise similar stimuli.

Which is why, sessions at Ten X are programmed to focus on fundamentals by picking the most effective workouts from across various domains including, but not limited to power-lifting, martial arts, calisthenics, yoga, and so on.

Will these sessions work for all? DEFINITELY. Our results speak for themselves; from training quinquagenarians to teenagers, our programs have resulted in improved stamina, strength, endurance, flexibility and so on.

To sum it up,

Fitness has evolved through the ages, but, the fundamentals have remained constant throughout. Humans are made to move, and fitness that focuses on making this day to day movement more efficient is the need of this generation.

Come, train at Ten X to see that difference.


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