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How to Stay Fit?

  • Make fitness a habit:

Someone once said: "We are what we do. Excellence is not an event, it is a habit".Consistently working on ourselves, and our health can lead to positive outcomes, and it all starts with making fitness a habit- not a goal driven by bouts of motivation.

  • Enjoy the workout routine:

There are many ways to achieve an outcome; find one that works well for you, and one that keeps you motivated.

For some, it could be yoga, for some others, it could be functional training (as we know it today), & for many others, it could be working out in a gym and so on. So, keep experimenting, and pick one that works well for you.

  • Fuel yourself well, and keep yourself hydrated:

Eat a balanced diet (do not deprive yourself of essential nutrients unless it is for medical reasons) that is both sufficient ,and efficient for your fitness goals from a long term perspective.

Drink water to stay hydrated; & drink plenty of it during summers!

  • Get a good Sleep:

A good sleep is essential for physical, (and mental) recovery. So, get yourself some good sleep.

  • Vary (your workouts) to skip being wary:

If you are someone who gets bored with similar workouts (like most of us), vary your workouts to avoid monotony/ boredom. This is also a great way to challenge different muscle groups.

  • Be aware of your progress, and track it:

It is important to keep a track of your progress. This not only helps you gauge the effectiveness of your workouts, it also helps you stay motivated in your fitness journey. How do you track progress? Here are some ways:

  • Deadlift: Have you been able to do deadlifts with progressive loads? From a 40 kg deadlift, have you been able to move to 80 kgs?

  • Have you been able to do pushups with better form, or are you able to do more pushups than what you started off with?

  • Work in teams/ groups:

Do you have a workout buddy? Having a workout buddy who kindles your motivation, and enthusiasm for exercise is useful for being accountable in your fitness routine.

Last, but not the least,

  • Listen to your body: When you feel like resting, do not push yourself to workout; rest, and recovery is important to remain fit in the long run.

  • Stay positive: It is normal to feel skeptic about working out sometimes; you could be muddled up with questions such as:

    • Am I making progress?

    • Is it worth the time?

    • Could/ Should I be doing something else?

However, it is important to remain positive, and approach it with a growth mindset & more importantly, patience.

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