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Why is exercise important for Fat Loss

Most of us already know that in order to achieve weight loss. We need to work on "caloric intake".

When our caloric intake is lesser than our expenditure, we are going to achieve fat loss.

So, if you have just learned this , and if you have decided to achieve your goal just through caloric restriction/diet, without exercise, we'll tell you what might be some challenges on your way.

1. When you work on reducing calories alone, without proper strength training, you are likely to end up losing some muscle mass. This also leads to a reduction in your resting metabolic rate. Reduction in metabolism might continue to impact you even after you are done with your diet (*esp. if you are following one of those nutrient restriction diet/ a highly impractical diet that's difficult to follow in the long term*) making it hard for you to maintain fat loss in the long run.

2. You'll also not get that toned look that's often associated with building muscle mass while reducing the fat mass

So, the next time you want to work on your fat loss goal, consider exercising your body alongside following a practical diet!

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