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Is Sweat an indication of FAT crying?

Recently, we found this post on the internet; this message was shared by a brand with a considerable 'followers' list.

The poster reads:

"Sweat is Just FAT Crying".

Caption reads: "Go, do something that makes you SWEAT"...

Sweating for fat loss- a myth

For most of us, experiencing the SWEAT is the ultimate goal; very often, it is also used as a means to measure the effectiveness of a workout; Good Sweat=great workout!

But, what's sweat?
Is it really a good way to measure the effectiveness of a workout? Is it really 'FAT' crying?

To answer this, let's take a minute to understand why we sweat.

  • The human body is internally tuned to a steady temperature of around 98.6 degrees F;

  • Any variation in this temperature puts the controller organs of the body into an alert mode;

  • If the blood heats up due to external temperature/ due to exercise/ due to any other variable factor, the brain (specifically, the hypothalamus) sends a signal (through the pituitary gland) to dilate the blood vessels on the surface of the body;

  • This opens up the sweat glands, and, sweat in turn cools the body of this extra heat;

  • Simultaneously, the hypothalamus also signals for faster breathing- as a result of which panting occurs. Panting is also one of the body's ways to cool itself down.

So, sweating is essentially the body's way of regulating its internal temperature.

Is it an indication of "FAT LOSS"?


Fat loss and sweating are not directly (/& scientifically) correlated.

Is Sweating an indication of calories burnt?

Not directly, again.

You can burn calories even without breaking a sweat too- for instance while swimming!

However, Sweating out during a workout is emotionally satiating for a few reasons:

  1. Sweating is often psychologically associated with "hard work". A good sweat is therefore deemed as an indicator of a challenging/ an intense workout (and for most of us, a challenge is gratifying!);

  2. And, if the workout is sweat stimulating (not considering the variable factors such as external temperature, body weight, genetics, diet etc.), it probably (not definitely) catalysed some fat loss in the process;

Therefore, summing it up:

"Sweat" is a temperature regulation mechanism- not a calorie output indicator. Nor is sweating directly related to fat loss.

So, while Sweating may not be a great method to gauge the effectiveness of a workout, it continues to create a gratifying sensation for most people, owing to psychological reasons.

Next time, if someone says- burn fat through sweat, ask them- "Really?"

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