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Gym Etiquettes- What are some great practices to follow in a gym?

One of the most important, but, unrecognised aspects about training in a gym is training responsibly by maintaining a proper etiquette.

Why is this important?

  • Proper etiquette ensures that everybody using the gym is able to enjoy a seamless experience while using different equipments (without compromising on their respective workouts);

  • It encourages a positive attitude towards our "gym mates", and promotes a conducive environment for better training.

So, what are some of the best practices to follow while training in a gym?

Situation 1: If you want to use an equipment that someone is already using

  • Politely ask the person if it would be ok to use the equipment in between their sets;

  • If they say no, kindly wait patiently;

  • If they allow you to use it, ensure that you allow them to workout in between your sets (preferably by assisting them to load/unload the weights in accordance to their needs);

Situation 2: If you are using an equipment, and if there are others waiting in queue to use it

  • Allow others to workout in between your sets;

  • Do not rest on the bench/ other related equipments; instead, take a walk in between your sets;

  • In case of cardio machines, respect the time limit set by the club;

  • Wipe the equipment with a towel if the equipment is sweaty (for others to use the same one comfortably).

Situation 3: If you are done using the equipment

  • Wipe the equipment with a towel if the equipment is sweaty (always go to a gym with a towel); ensure that you carry your towel back with you, and do not leave it behind;

  • Unload the weights, and put the equipment(s) back in their place; if using free weights, put them back in their respective places without mixing it up in order to make it easy for others to use the same weights from their respective places without having to search for them;

  • If you are using a mat, kindly put it back in its place.

Situation 4: If you do not like the music playing in the gym

  • Politely ask others if they would mind if you request a change;

  • Carry your own portable music player along with a headset;

  • Do not play loud music on your music player for others to hear.

Other etiquettes that are useful to follow:

  1. Do not bring children to the gym; it can be dangerous for them to play around the gym (without constant monitoring) while also proving disruptive for others working out in the gym;

  2. Avoid smoking inside the facility;

  3. Wear appropriate apparel (that enables free movements), and shoes while working out in the gym;

  4. Always bring your own water bottle, and towel.

We hope you found these tips useful.

- Team Ten X

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